The City of Lincoln is governed by a Mayor and City Council form of government with the various committees working together for the benefit of the community.

 Mayor  Rob Hulse  824-3321
 Clerk/Treasurer  Becky Carter  824-3321
 District Court Judge  Graham Nations  824-3321
 City Attorney  Steven Parker  846-6026

City Council

 Doug Moore  Ward 1  Position 1
 Robin Moore  Ward 1  Position 2
 Troy Myers  Ward 2  Position 1
 Doug Hutchens  Ward 2  Position 2
 Bobby McDonald  Ward 3  Position 1
 Carla Holcroft  Ward 3  Position 2
 Doyle Dixon  Ward 4  Position 1
 Coby Hall  Ward 4  Position 2

Planning Commission

Doug Hutchens*
Sandra Pace
James Morris
Harry Swain
Doug Moore
Chuck Wood, Advisor
Rob Hulse, Advisor



• Click here for a map of Lincoln wards.

City Council Committees

 Capital Improvement/Finance  Doug Hutchens*, Doyle Dixon, Carla Holcroft
 Community Involvement  Coby Hall, Robin Moore
 Emergency Preparedness  Doug Moore*, Coby Hall
 Parks & Recreation  Doug Moore*, Carla Holcroft, Doug Hutchens
 Personnel  Bobby McDonald*, Robin Moore, Coby Hall
 Police & Fire  Bobby McDonald*, Carla Holcroft, Doug Moore
 Water, Sewer & Cons. Maint.  Doug Hutchens*, Doyle Dixon, Doug Moore, Chuck Wood

*denotes chairperson