Public Works

In January of 2009 the City of Lincoln decided that all maintenance departments would become a single department to more effectively utilize city assets and personnel. Each of the departments were unified into a single Consolidated Maintenance department.

Herb England, who was a Water Department foreman at the time, was promoted to the newly-created position of Consolidated Maintenance Supervisor and given charge of all areas of the department including Sewer, Water, Wastewater, Street and general maintenance. His area of responsibility includes supervision of the 133 square mile stretch of Lincoln’s West Washington County water district, wastewater and sanitation, street and general infrastructure support and maintenance.

Herb graduated from High School in Hope, Arkansas in 1985 and studied Animal Science with the University of Arkansas. He worked in wood working and craftwork and later with cattle and animal husbandry for several years. In 1993 he relocated to the city of Lincoln from Fayetteville and in 1996  went to work with the city.  He became a permanent employee in 1997 and has had over 15 years with the city of Lincoln.

Herb is certified as a Class III Waste WaterOperator, Class III Water Operator,  Plumbing Inspector,  Backflow Prevention Inspector/Tester,  Class III Advanced Industrial Specialist and a specialist in Hydrology Engineering.   In addition to his duties as a senior member of the staff for the water department, he is a member of the FEMA team and is certified in ICS for Single Resources, Initial Action Incidents and ICS for Public Works Personnel and is certified through ISO-700 of the National Incident Management System.

He is responsible for oversight of the city’s trails and sidewalk program. He and his staff also do all of the concrete work and masonry, street and other improvements to the city’s infrastructure. He works closely with area supervisors to ensure quality product and support for the city and the full water district.

For questions or concerns, please come to the main water office at 101 E. Bean Street in Lincoln. The staff of the water department is available for consultations upon request. Please call and schedule a time that one of our specialists or supervisors may meet with you and resolve any issues or concerns you may have.

Thank You,
Herb England