Waste Water Treatment Plant

Johnny L. DeMent, Sr.

Johnny L. DeMent, Sr.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager
Lincoln, AR

The City of Lincoln is proud of its progress and commitment to the clean, safe and environmentally friendly approach to the treatment and return of its waste water to the Northwest Arkansas water systems.  Our state is known for its abundantly green vegetation and clean pristine water.  As we discharge back into the natural water systems, Lincoln is committed to having that return water cleaner than when it was brought in.

Our Treatment Plant Manager is Johnny DeMent who has had over 31 years experience in Hydrology Sciences and in the industry. He has served as plant manager for 13 years. Mr. DeMent holds the following licenses: Class III Wastewater, Grade III Water Treatment, Grade III Water Distribution and an advanced industrial license. Since water operations are a 365-day operation, he is working, or on call, at all times and demonstrates Lincoln’s commitment to excellence in water products. In addition to his jobs with waste water, he wears many hats and also assists with animal control when needed.

Johnny has worked his way through the city, beginning with the Street Department. He was then promoted to Water and Sewer Maintenance Operator and was  promoted to Plant Manager 13 years ago.

He oversees all aspects of the waste water systems, including making sure the organic solutions are correctly balanced. Using a combination of natural methods and filtration, the city uses only required or necessary chemicals to treat the water, relying on natural “eco-friendly” solutions as much as possible.

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