The City of Lincoln has a well-rounded parks and recreation system in place. with a full time parks and recreation worker and several volunteer staff who assist in the care and development of the city parks.

Lincoln South Park was established in 1970 with a Fun Park grant with the City of Lincoln and the State of Arkansas Parks and Tourism. It is located on the south side of town and hosts playground equipment, basketball hoops and a walking trail and other.

Historic 62 Roadside Park is located on the northeast side of US 62 as you are coming into the east side of town in Lincoln.  The site is scheduled to be upgraded into a veteran’s park in the near future. It is also the location of a historic cemetery that is attached to the north side of the park. Landscaping and focus groups on the park’s future were formed in 2014 and a list of veterans is being compiled for the new future memorial.  There is no scheduled date for the memorial or rededication of the park.

Lincoln Lake, located north of town, is a jewel of our parks and recreation system, featuring boating, hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, picnics and many other activities. It features full guest wireless access in the parking and boating areas and some areas of the hiking trails may also receive a signal.

Bumblebee Park was added in 2013 with funds received by the Arkansas Parks and Tourism Fun Park Grant, City of Lincoln funds, city supported staff resources and an additional grant procured by the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce to expand the equipment in 2014.  The name was chosen by the council after a submission poll and popularity vote was conducted on Facebook and by paper submissions. The park opened in the first part of 2014 and was expanded that summer to include additional resources.  The park features a full basketball court, picnic pavilion, playground equipment and swings. It features a green space for egg hunts, kite flying and other activities.  The grounds were expanded with additional playground equipment and barbeque grills with the second grant.  The park has become a great addition to our parks department.

Ball Multiplex Park is located on the north end of town and hosts multiple baseball and softball fields, batting cages, practice areas and is tied to the football and soccer areas of the Lincoln Schools. There is a bridge that links the field to the school playgrounds and ball fields. Combined with practice football fields and soccer it a very impressive ball complex.

Lincoln Town Square & Community Building — Formerly the American Legion building, the city acquired the grounds and restored the building as the town community center.  It features free wireless and is the hub of the annual Arkansas Apple Festival, Lincoln Rodeo Street Dance, car shows, Christmas and Halloween festivities.

Town Garden & Park — In 2014 the city decided to begin a community driven garden. Volunteers from the city, school and community have come together to begin a town garden to grow fresh garden produce to better support the town through its local charity organizations.  The garden will make its first attempt in 2015 and additional growth areas are planned. The garden is in its early stage and will grow and adapt to serve the community in the future.

Green Spaces  — The town also hosts multiple green spaces and activities throughout the town.  Horseshoe pits are located on the east side of the water department and flower beds and green spaces are being installed in areas throughout the city as the areas are identified and developed.