RhondaHulseRhonda Hulse
Grants Administrator
Lincoln AR 72744

Rhonda Hulse is a lifelong resident of Lincoln who serves as the city’s Grants Administrator and is also executive assistant to City Manager Clyde Wood. In addition to these duties, she is office manager at the water department.

The Grants Administration Program, headed up by Rhonda, is staffed by the city manager and receives technical support from the ISD Director, Al Videtto. In addition, each department head also helps with the generation of ideas and gives job-specific information required to submit the applications for the grant process.

Rhonda joined the City of Lincoln in 2000 as a front desk clerk for the water department, and after six years took a position with Washington County where she utilized both her water skill sets and her grants certifications. She holds an ACEDP Grants Administrator certification. She donated consulting services in 2010 and returned to the city in 2011 as Grants Administrator and since 2010 has brought $87,280 in grants to the city. She is also certified with a Class I waste water license and is part of the Lincoln Waste Water management team.

She is active in the community, recently serving as the Arts and Crafts Chairman to the Arkansas Apple Festival. She serves as Secretary of the Boston Mountain Solid Waste District and has been elected 2013 Secretary of Lincoln Kiwanis. She is also a member of the Lincoln High School Booster Club.

Grants To-Date

Year Amount Purpose
2010 $16,550 South Park Walking Trail
2010 $14,975 Batting Cage for City Athletic Park
2011 $30,818 New Police Vehicle with Video Surveillance System
2012 $3,500 Video Recorder for Police Vehicle
2012 $3,000 Foul Ball Netting for Ball Field at the Athletic Park
2012 $14,237 Fire Rescue Boat – Emergency Services
2012 $4,200 Police Systems Upgrade – Computer Upgrades for Police Department
2013 $1,600 Animal League of Washington County

Total      $88,880

The grants administrator’s current project  is the “East Park” project. It is hoped the yet unnamed park will have a basketball court, children’s pavilion, picnic/barbeque area with picnic tables and other amenities. The proposed location is on the east end of town on North Street, near the new school. This new park would tie in with the walking trail system and sidewalk system to form the citywide walking trail system. There are future plans for this system to link to the Lincoln Lake park trail system and to the South Park trail system.

Rhonda is also in the process of applying for grants for the Lincoln Public Library. The library will be supported by the 1-cent tax that was recently approved by voters. Other money will be provided by the city and grants.