Lincoln Water Department

The City of Lincoln provides the highest quality of water product to our customers. We are a proud member of the Benton – Washington County Water Authority founded in 1992 to meet the needs of the community for clean, safe drinking water.

In September of 1996 construction of the water treatment plant began which began producing water in May of 1999. Lincoln is a charter member of the Authority, and its water service began in 2001. Clyde Wood, City Manager of Lincoln,,  serves on the 13-member Board of Directors, his proxy is Rob Hulse, Mayor of Lincoln.

Lincoln is one of four storage locations, providing 5 million gallons of water storage to the area. We work closely with the Authority and other members to ensure proper water availability and service to all of the community. Lincoln hosts the booster pump station which the Authority requires to maintain proper pressure to fill Lincoln’s storage tanks; it is the second largest of the 4 water storage locations.

The City of Lincoln services 2,450 water customers across a 133 square mile stretch of West Washington County. The city employs 5 full-time licensed and certified water specialists and two sanitation specialists.   The sanitation department covers all citizens of Lincoln and also services rural routes. This brings the total number of homes and businesses served to 1,240.   The sanitation pickup is provided on the following schedule (Link to full schedule).

The city of Lincoln is also a proud member of the following organizations:

Benton-Washington Regional Public Water Authority Map

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You may also call the main city office at  479-824-3453