Animal Control

Daniel Cunningham
Animal Control Officer
Lincoln, AR

The City of Lincoln’s Animal Control Program is headed up by Daniel Cunningham who has had over 13 years working in the Animal Science and Animal Husbandry fields.

He currently holds a Level III Certification with the Arkansas State Animal Control Association (ASACA) and has served as Lincoln’s control officer for 3 years. He is certified through ASACA with the Arkansas Department of Health and works closely with them to prevent and contain rabies and other animal related health issues.  He is certified in animal bite  and cruelty investigative practices with the State of Arkansas. He works closely with our local and county officers to provide a safe, civic environment, and to prevent or react to any issues which may arise. Though he is part time, he often volunteers hours to provide extra care above and beyond his duties.

Daniel also assists as needed with the District Court, and assists with other duties for the city as needed.  He volunteers each year for the Apple Festival and is highly active in community events.

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