Animal Control

Tammy White
Animal Control Officer
Lincoln, AR

The City of Lincoln’s Animal Control Program is headed up by Tammy White who has had over five years working in the Animal Science and Animal Husbandry fields. She currently holds certification from Pikes Peak Region Colorado with the American Humane Society. She specializes in care of animal adoptions and animal safety. She served as an animal control officer while at her position with the humane society.

Tammy is in school currently to transfer her certifications to Arkansas with the Arkansas State Animal Control Association (ASACA) and will work closely with them to help prevent and contain rabies and other animal-related issues.

She works closely with our local and county officers to provide a safe, civic environment and to prevent or react to any issues which may arise.

She is a full time employee with the City of Lincoln and also holds responsibilities with the Street Department, Court and other areas of the city as requested. Tammy is a great addition to our team and we welcome her aboard!

She is also a volunteer with the Arkansas Apple Festival and is proactive in community events.