Public Safety

The City of Lincoln Arkansas is dedicated to the protection and safety of its residents within its community and surrounding areas.  We have a team of highly trained emergency and public safety officials who are responsible for the daily support and emergency support of the city.

Our Leadership team is headed by Mayor Rob Hulse and City Manager Clyde Wood. The rest of the team members are Russell Morphis,  Jay Norton,  Willie Leming, and Al Videtto. Each of the members is responsible for an area of emergency management and reports to the mayor.

Technology & Engineering

Alvin Videtto is our Director of Technology and Engineering,  and the city Flood Plain Manager. He is a graduate of the FEMA National Flood Plain Academy : NFIP course, Emmitsburg, Md.  and a member of the Maryland and Arkansas Flood Plain Associations.  Mr. Videtto has experience with emergency medical support, first response, has been a licensed medical technician and has a strong military background  in emergency response.  He is currently taking his NIMS certifications and additional FEMA certifications. His team includes Jerry Combs, Building Inspector and long time Flood Plain Administrator.  Mr. Combs is certified with NIMS and serves as a partner and mentor to Mr. Videtto who assumed the role of Flood Plain Manager from Mr. Combs in 2013.


Jay Norton is our Fire Administrator and along with Willie Lemming, our Fire Chief, makes up the fire department’s leadership team.  Mr. Norton is NIMS certified  with a specialty in Fire and EMS.  Mr. Leming has also completed NIMS training and is a graduate of the Maryland Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Md. and is FEMA affiliated. Mr. Norton in addition has Emergency Medical experience, and as a first responder.


Russell Morphis is our Police Chief  and has completed NIMS certification through the highest level.  He is responsible for all public safety and security during an emergency. Chief Morphis has emergency response training.  His team includes Tony Lee who is also NIMS certified.