District Court

101 E. Arthur Ave.
Lincoln AR 72744

The City of Lincoln District Court is one of three district courts located in Farmington, Prairie Grove and Lincoln, Arkansas.

Lincoln District Court meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The second Tuesday Court handles arraignments only. The fourth Tuesday court handles trials and arraignments.

The honorable Graham Nations is the presiding Judge over all three courts and has three senior court clerks to assist in the day-to-day functions and running of the Court. In Lincoln the Court Clerk is Tracy Irwin.

Tracy Irwin, Court Clerk

Tracey is a graduate of Lincoln High School and attended college at Northwest Arkansas Community College. She is holds certifications with the Arkansas Court Clerks Association with 110 CEU’s and 5 certification. She has also been certified as a part-time police officer from 1994 to present, and has been certified for 8 years as a volunteer fire fighter.

Her duties as court clerk includes being responsible for all court records, incoming monetary payments and creation and entry of all court records. She inputs and records all court cases, verifies transcription of details into court systems and audits all financial, police and court records for accuracy.

She also serves as Police Clerk where she is responsible for all police department reports and entries into the system, verification of details with officers, verification of accuracy of reports entered into the system and assists the police department as required. When required, Tracy will assist the police department in cases and also serves as the female officer on any cases with cross-gender arrests or complaints and other areas where it may be required to have a female officer present.

She is responsible for all communications between the public, court and police department. In addition to her general duties, she is cross-trained to assist or fill in for the City Clerk as needed. She is proficient in all areas the City Clerk duties.

Tracy has spent 8 years as a Lincoln volunteer fire fighter, and serves as the Chief of Security for the Apple Festival and community-based events throughout the year. Tracy spends her personal time and off hours servicing the community through the Meals on Wheels program and other volunteer organizations.

Tracy is also a Reserve Police Officer.