• 2012 In Review

    February 11, 2013

    Re: Municipal Affairs of the City of Lincoln, Arkansas
    To: The Citizens of Lincoln, Arkansas

    The City of Lincoln had a productive year in 2012. The City One Cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax, with interest, brought in just over $248,773.99. The Capital Improvement Fund finished the year with a balance in excess of $382,80811. The City Grants Administrator brought in $55,755 in grants during 2012.

    New home construction was anemic at best, continuing a trend for the sixth straight year. There were two home building permits issued in 2012.

    The Water Department and the Consolidated Maintenance Department were very busy for the entire year. Things got off to fast a start with the new High School project. The City had the responsibility to build 6,665 linear feet of 12-inch waterline to the new school to facilitate fire protection and potable water needs. The City built the project itself with the help of local equipment operators and local equipment rental. The waterline project to the new school finished at the end of March 2012, and at that point the Washington Road Department started a project to widen Old Cane Hill Road from the new High School to Highway 45. The road project required the City to move a waterline that was in the middle of the road so we had to move the waterline. We replaced the line and connected it to an existing line we already had on Old Cane Hill Road and now have water all the way to Cane Hill and beyond from that project. The project costs were unexpected but in the end we had a better water system in that part of our service area. We built a meter vault on Tunnel Road WC 74 to eventually provide water to more folks west of Highway 59 to the Oklahoma state line and loop back in 2 water lines we have to the south.

    Later on in May 2012 we started our sidewalk project for the year. The project consisted of 700 feet of sidewalk on East School Street with curb, gutter and clean out manholes, so far this has worked out very well. The project then turned south on County Avenue and consisted of approximately 1,000 feet of sidewalk with curb, gutter and clean out manholes. We put drainage gutters on the upstream side of the homes to alleviate flooding that has happened in the past. County Avenue also got wider and deeper ditches on the west side and new 18-inch driveway tiles.

    The Fire Department continued its trend of excellent service and protection of the public. They had a hot, dangerous summer to deal with this year. The Fire Department received a grant to purchase a new Rescue Boat that will be used to respond to water/flooding emergencies. They continue to have a very efficient operation and now have the whole Fire Department building available for their use.

    We continued concentrating on emergency preparedness in 2012 with the purchase of a new mosquito sprayer from federal surplus for $1500 it was still in a shipping crate.

    We distinguished ourselves with the community involvement again in 2012 we had Christmas on the Square and provided meals to nearly 800 people. Kids got to see Santa Claus (Randy Magar) in the gazebo on our town Square. They also got pony rides and were able to see a Nativity scene with live animal courtesy of the Maranatha Church who also provided all the Christmas lighting on the Square. Thanks go out to the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce, the Lincoln Armory, Tyson Foods for the donation of the chicken and smoker. Thanks also go to all the folks who helped make the night a success. The City also played a big part in the Apple Festival with 2012 being the best in recent history. The Square was completely filled with vendor tents. We also had a great weekend during the Lincoln Lake Day. It just keeps getting better and better.

    The City purchased the Amerigas Building (Summers Butane) to build a new library. I’m extremely pleased that things came together for this project. The sales tax election for funding the new library was held on March 13, 2012 and was passed. The City signed a contract to demolish the buildings and in November after the election, the Library was moved to the Community Building. The buildings were demolished in December. This was a very important day in the future of Lincoln and means that the citizens of Lincoln are committed to the future. I look forward to the new library and believe it will be a symbol of the type of town our Citizens want.

    I am pleased with what we accomplished in 2012 and look forward to the opportunities of 2013. We have some exciting times ahead and I’m proud that I live in Lincoln, Arkansas.

    Rob Hulse
    Mayor, City of Lincoln

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